Wireless medical imaging system - Doctor's Station

Wirelessly receive/capture images from video Otoscope cameras, and more... RFSYSTEMlab wireless ALL-In imaging system - Doctor's Station

Doctor Station Explore posibilities beyond expectations with the Doctor's Station.

The All-In-One Digital Imaging System Doctor's Station, is designed based on ergonomics for medical practitioners enabling you to perform most procedures with correct and relaxed posture. It is a versatile imaging system, which can provide better diagnostics efficiency and more effective informed consent by your patients.

This versatile monitor provides more than just displaying the images. Doctor's Station with the stylish look can save images from any RFSYSTEMalb wireless cameras onto the removable SD memory card for easier access.

Setup Example of Doctor's Station doctor station


RFSYSTEMlab wireless medical monitor - Doctor's Station
  • RFSYSTEMLAB Doctors station - 2.4GHz Microwave Receiver
    Microwave Receiver
    The built-in receiver picks up the signal from any RF SYSTEM Lab wireless products, including wireless cameras and video transmitters.
    RFSYSTEMLAB Doctors station - Import / Export function
    Import / Export
    Automatic storage capability to the SD memory card eliminates complicated software operation for any dental professionals. Images from other sources such as digital x-ray systems*, can be imported through this SD memory card to achieve more compatibility with Doctor's Station. (*Limited to JPEG files)
  • RFSYSTEMLAB Doctors station - Remote Control
    Remote Control
    From capturing images to preparing them for chairside presentation, everything is at your fingertip. The self-explanatory buttons on this remote control simplify all operations and case presentations.
    RFSYSTEMLAB Doctors station - X-Ray Film Digitizer
    X-Ray Film Digitizer
    View your old style x-ray film and save a digital copy
    A bitewing x-ray film can be enlarged to the 12" full screen size for easier viewing. The analog x-ray images can then be digitaly stored into the SD memory card as a .jpg image.
  • RFSYSTEMLAB Doctors station - Face Camera
    Face Camera
    The built-in face camera captures full-face images. The captured images can be used for identifying and maintaining each patient record.
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Optional Module:

RFSYSTEMLAB Doctors station - optional modules

Progressive functionality

Attach the new modules to the Doctor's Station monitor and personalize your Doctor's Station into your style to fit it into your diagnostic purposes.

progressive functionality
  • SD Card Player
    SD Card Player
    Images, movies or other videos on an SD memory card can be played back on the Doctor's Station with this SD Card Player Module.
    Panoramic X-Ray Viewer
    Panoramic X-Ray Viewer
    The monitor can serve as an x-ray view box to show panoramic x-ray film to your patients at your chairside. It is as simple as placing the film directly onto the monitor. No more extra equipment cluttering your chairside space.
doctor station specification
doctor station


  • Color : Black / White
  • Displaying Monitor : 12-inch TFT Monitor, 2.5inch side Monitor
  • Dimension : 280 x 380 x 33 (mm) / 11" x 15" x 1.3" (inch)
  • Weight : 2.5 kg / 88.2oz
  • Power : 12V 5A
  • Port : Video In / Out, headphone out, audio in
  • Attachment : SD Memory Card, Remote Control, AC Adapter, Mounting Arm

Mounting Brackets (Optional)

doctor specification

bulletCompatible with:

*  ME-16 : Wireless video otoscope

*  ME16-VET : veterinarian video otoscope

*  ALL other RFSYSTEMLab wireless dental & Medical cameras

*  Wireless transmitter - Herts

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