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Company profile - RFSYSTEMlab Nederland:
RFSYSTEMlab Nederland is a division of Dent-All
Based in The Netherlands, we at Dent-All are manufacturers and distributors of innovative dental & surgical equipment, distributing RFSYSTEMlab since 2003.
Our main objective being the introduction of the newest, innovative, high tech equipment for the dental practice, while focusing on quality products for a reasonable price.


Our special cooperation with the dentistry world & dental implantology specialists, provides our teams with a unique feedback proccess, which enables us to beter predict your needs, and supply the dental practice with the best "real life" sollutions.

Construction of our new offices in Almere - Netherlands, started in 2012
RFSYSTELMLab new Almere office - 2012 Construction     RFSYSTELMLab new Netherlands office - 2012 Construction
Construction of our new offices in Almere - Netherlands, completed in 2014
RFSYSTELMLab new Almere office - 2012 Construction     RFSYSTELMLab new Netherlands office - 2012 Construction

From this new location in Almere (Netherlands), we have now reinstated the global distribution of RFSYSTEMlab imaging systems.
Operetteweg 82
1323 VC Almere
The Netherlands is a registered trade marks of Dent-All Innovation, Netherlands

KVK registration Amsterdam : 33281590 – BTW (VAT) Reg. Nr.: NL-043290693-B02

Company profile - RFSYSTEMlab Japan:

Company Name : RFSYSTEMlab.
Founded: 1993
Headquarters: RF West Ground HQ Bldg.
Kenchodori St., Nagano 380-0935 Japan
Service : Broadcasting equipment / CCD camerasfor industrial use / Medical equipment / Wireless transfer equipment / Dentalwireless intraoral camera / Medical radio-applied systems / Endoscopic Capsule
Employees : 100 (HQ only)

RF SYSTEM lab. is a comprehensive manufacture covering all stages of production, focusing heavily on R&D, right through to sales and marketing by four major division of development, tech an research, sales, marketing and management. The business concepts of "Creative Thinking" is consistent throughout the company.

RF SYSTEM lab. is truly is a young energetic company pushing ever forward the boundaries on new technologies.

Why RF System Lab Now?
Because we are the company that produced the fully automatic camera which has been officially adopted for the international space project. The high quality standard of our cameras guarantees the clear cut reproduction and transmission of subjects to the tiniest detail. Our high tech products cover a quite wide spectrum including lenses, high speed and high resolution CCD-integrated image capture modules, computer softwares, micro wave transmitters and so on.

For us, therefore, the provision of this totally new and original system for a dental clinic is completely natural. Now put our space-proven expertise and capabilities to work for you in the rapid-advancing technical field of dentistry!