Available in Two Types of Cable | High-Intensity LED | 10-Hour Battery Time

vb wireless 9.8mm
10 Hours Continuous Operation

VB operates with 10 hours* runtime by only 2 C-batteries. Since VB is battery-powered, it does not require outside power supplies and also can be replaced with new batteries when they run out. Long-lasting runtime and replaceable power source reduce the risk of downtime. *Time way vary depending on the battery type


VB provides absolutely portable operation with its compact size and 1.6lb lightweight. It makes your inspection easier than ever because VZ can be available anywhere and does not take any time to set up. Carrying cases are available as optional.

vb wireless 9.8mm
Adjustable Brightness

Adjustable light source on VB adapts to any inspection environments. The powerful light source from 5 high-intensity white LED can be adjusted in 3 levels to facilitate appropriate probes.This feature prevents halation problems and always provides clear images in every condition.

vb wireless 9.8mm
Selectable Cable Type

You can choose the camera cable type to meet your specific inspection needs. There are two types of cable: hard and soft. The camera cable extension is also available as optional.
[Hard Type: flexibility R55+10mm]
With its shape-memory feature, the cable can be bent smoothly, and maintain your most convenient angle for inspections. The hard type cable has great durability to damages by stretching, twisting and compressing.
[Soft Type: flexibility R30+5mm]
Its flexibility reduces the risk of the cable being damaged. The soft type cable does not stretch-out in case of entangling in narrow spaces, and also is tolerable for compressing.

Easy Setup
Four High-Intensity White LED

VB can be adapted to any specific inspection needs by changing to the adequate cable-head. Its head is detachable, and can switch to the different cable type or length. VB is able to cover wider variety of inspections for different focal points, different inspection objects, or environment.

System Configuration:

configuration of industrial boroscope

vb wireless 9.8mm
Adjustable Brightness

VB image can be displayed wirelessly on the 2.4" TFT handy monitor, Lept ver.2 (Option) .

vb wireless 9.8mm

VB image can be displayed on the any monitor such as TV, LCD monitor or handy cam by connecting a video cable.

vb wireless 9.8mm

VB image can be displayed on the computer by installing the USB video capture cable and software. Images can be directly captured or recorded to the computer.

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Structure Specification:

system configuration of borescope 9.8mm
  Product VB
Insertion Tube
Working Length Standard: 3m (9'10")
Possible extension up to 30m (98'5")
Diameter f9.8mm
Armor Polyurethane
Waterproof Insertion tube and tip
Light Source View Angle 63/49
Lens f = 2.9mm
F No. F 3.6
Focal Distance 40mm(10mm)
Luminance 7500mcd
Camera Image Sensor 1/4 inch CMOS
Total Pixels 811 (H) X 508 (V)
Effective Pixels 768 (H) X 494 (V)
Pixel Size (H X V) 7.86m(H) X6.25m(V)
Effective Sensor Size (H X V) 3.6mm (H) X 2.7mm(V)
Resolution 525(H) X 480(V) TV
Brightness AGC 0 to + 24dB
Normal Shutter AEC 1/60 sec to 1/15,000 sec
Base Unit Signal System NTSC (15.734kHz/59.94Hz)
Internal Synchronizing
Wireless Output 1.2GHz microwave
Operating Temp -10? to 40?
Video S/N Ratio 45dB
Power Supply C-battery x2
Operating Time 10 hrs max.
Power Consumption 360mA
Weight 738g (1.6 lb) *Batteries are not Included.

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