Wireless IntraOral Camera - Einstein Lumica

Easy to use, ultra light weight intraoral camera
RFSYSTEMlab - intraoral camera - Einstein Spark version 2

Featherweight & Smart Body

Einstein Lumica has a new featherweight body for your daily use. Great features have been kept from our previous Einstein intraoral camera series, along with some new features, and in a new, smarter design.

Instant set-up.
No wiring required.

Einstein lumica maintains a superb ease of use with fingertip operation, and providing more advanced features to your practice. The convenience and standby readiness of a wireless camera simply adds more value and effectiveness to your practice.

RFSYSTEMLab intraoral camera Einstein Lumica

Excellent Portability

Wireless intraoral cameras can help provide a quick and efficient "Informed Consent" proccess with your patients whenever you want. Pick up and go means no more wasting your precious time setting up the camera every time you switch rooms.

Hand to hand

Easy Maneuver to Capture

It is always difficult to maneuver the conventional intraoral cameras due to the cumbersome hard-wire (connection). By comparison, because of the WIRELESS capability, our intraoral camera enables you to take close-up shots from various angles as well as positioning the camera to take tooth in a row. Moreover, the fully enhanced auto-focus function makes image capturing much simpler than ever before.



Replaceable Battery

No more worry about the battery wearing and sending camera back to the factory!! Unlike our Einstein series in the past, you can now change the battery pack by yourself (battery needs to be purchased separately from RF). With this new feature, the battery has become light-weighted, supporting the daily use of the doctors and hygienists.
RFSYSTEMLab - Einstein Lumica - Auto Focus

Auto Focus

There is no manual focus required. The camera instantly adjusts focus from a full arch to a single molar.

RFSYSTEMLab - dental camera - Einstein Lumica - Onboard memory

On Board Memory

With improved memory modules, Einstein Lumica holds 64 images on its on board memory for instant review.
* When using the Einstein Lumica in combination with a computer, there is no limit to the number of captured images.

Auto Focus

More Intense LED Light

Einstein lumica is equipped with more intense LED lights than other Einstein series to bring out the clear image with more natural colors.

Auto Focus

Battery Level Indicator

Einstein lumica indicates the remaining of battery level on the screen. You may keep your eyes on the battery level with this indicator knowing when to charge.

Auto Focus

Finger Tip Operation

High quality images can be instantly captured and stored in the camera by a single push on the freeze button. Press the button to review with your patients.

Auto Focus

"Lift" Auto-Power On

The new intraoral camera is installed with the tilt sensor and features the auto power on with the tilt of the camera after picking up. When the camera is laid on the desk or counter, simply lift it up and this will turn on the camera on.

bulletIncluded in basic set

* Morse-Ts, wireless video receiver (additional video / USB receivers can be ordered) RFSYSTEMLab Morse-Ts, wireless receiver

* Recharging Stand (additional charging stands can be ordered) RFSYSTEMLab charger base for intraoral camera Einstein Spark

* Disposable covers x 100 (additional disposable covers can be ordered per 500X) Disposable covers or RFSYSTEM Lab intraoral camera

bulletAvailable Accessories

*  Wireless Receivers

*  Wireless Monitors

*  Macro Lens

*  USB Capture Device

*  Disposable hygienic covers

*   Rechargable Battery Pack

 Rf SYSTEM Lab wireless dental camera and monitor system
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